News & Events for London, UK

September 12, 2017
Elementa Consulting welcomes Nathan Brookes, a highly accomplished architectural lighting designer, to our growing team as Elementa’s Head of Lighting Design. Nathan has a broad range of experience working on impressive high end projects all around the world including Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa, an 885,500sqm resort island in the Maldives and the highly regarded Belgraves Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Nathan has gained vast experience within the industry through his past work at a select few internationally renowned lightin... Read more
August 9, 2017
In order to mitigate against catastrophic climate change, carbon emissions from buildings need to be radically reduced. As construction industry professionals in London, we have a collective responsibility to contribute our expertise and engage in a process that puts London on the path to meeting these goals. To that end the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) has been established to work collaboratively towards solutions that can enable a zero emissions future for London. LETI formed following the successful 'Fix London's Broken ... Read more
July 11, 2017
Clara Bagenal George, an environmental design engineer from Elementa’s sustainability team, is one of just 50 people who have been carefully selected to be part of the Mayor of London’s ‘Good Growth Design Programme’. They will be working alongside City Hall and London Councils on the programme to assist the Mayor in solving the current issues posed by population growth. Sadiq Khan aims to regenerate London and help realise his vision of a city that is socially and economically inclusive as well as environmentally sustainable. London... Read more
June 30, 2017
Elementa are delighted to be involved in plans for London’s “greenest public building”, a new concept school that would be powered using the tidal movements of the River Thames. Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture have drawn up the conceptual plans for the Thames Tidal Powered School involving a building that juts out over London’s principle waterway. A series of large turbines positioned underneath would then allow the building to harness tidal power. The building is designed to achieve two maj... Read more
May 10, 2017
We are proud to confirm that Edward Garrod and Clara Bagenal George from our London studio have been selected to headline a talk at the International Conference, Building Lasting Change 2017. The event, which is taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from the 30th May-1st June, is Canada’s largest green building industry event and is known for activating connections, delivering world class learning opportunities and cultivating inspira... Read more
April 26, 2017
The British Council for Offices (BCO) today announces the commissioning of a major research study “Wellness Matters: Health and Wellbeing in offices and what to do about it”. The study will critique existing Health and Wellbeing measurement and certification, identify the most recent and relevant medical evidence justifying a proactive approach to Health and Wellbeing in the built environment, and give guidance on the business case for investment in this space beyond simply improving p... Read more
April 18, 2017
Elementa will be speaking at this years conference - Future Campus: Universities supporting manufacturing, enterprise and innovation. UK Universities are again at a time of great change. The Higher Education and Research Bill currently going through Parliament aims to improve the student experience, ensure that students receive value for money, allow more competition to universities and enhance the UK’s economy through increased productivity, research and innovation. Even before BREXIT, initiatives such as the Government’s 2014 Local Ent... Read more
April 18, 2017
Building Lasting Change is Canada’s largest green building conference and is known for activating connections, delivering world class learning opportunities and cultivating inspiration and innovation. Building actionable solutions to climate change is the focus of Building Lasting Change 2017, with the goal of engaging the members and stakeholders of the Canadian building industry in the fight to reduce GHG emissions.... Read more