Peabody Trust Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Study

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Peabody Trust appointed Elementa Consulting to undertake a study of the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units currently available from five of the leading manufacturers for future installation in their developments.

The report outlined the characteristics of the MVHR units and provided a full comparison to evaluate an overall rating for each manufacturer. The main issue that arises from poor ventilation control and performance is the formation of condensation and, in turn, black mould which is damaging to occupant health and to the dwelling.

Meetings were carried out with representatives from each of the five manufacturers. The analysis was based on the unit that was deemed most suitable for application in a 1, 2 or 3 bed apartment.

The main scope that the units were scored against were on the following subjects:

  • User interface and controls
  • Specific fan power and unit efficiency
  • Boost control and effectiveness
  • Dimensions and access requirements
  • Design life
  • Duct connection flexibility
  • Humidity and occupancy sensors
  • Sound performance
  • Filter change requirements
  • Aftercare
  • Associated accessories
  • Other maintenance requirements
  • Number of approved installers
  • Cost

From the studies findings, Peabody have decided to roll out Elementa’s recommended equipment to all of their new and retrofit projects in their asset portfolio.

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